A reversible table for Skippy

I’ve made various styles of table for the van, in fact the very first table consisted of a plank of wood with a woodworking sash cramp as the leg. No pictures of that one but as the years have passed and the interior has evolved the design of subsequent tables has improved until we get to the table which is in Skippy at the moment.

I like playing chess and backgammon and to save finding somewhere to store the games boards I decided to incorporate them into the table itself. I wanted the table to be removable as space inside a campervan is severely restricted. In order to keep the floor uncluttered and comfortable I didn’t want a leg socket on the floor and I couldn’t have the normal socket on the table as I wanted both side of the table to work equally as well as the ‘top’.

After playing around with various clips and fasteners I came up with a tongue and socket idea with two metal prongs which clicked in and held one end of the table securely just above the top drawer of the main unit


The other end (nearest the sliding door) needed a table leg which would work  with the table either way up so I bought a standard table leg from B & Q, (other DIY stores are available) and carefully measured exactly how tall it needed to be.


With the height decided I got my welder friend to weld a collar onto the tube to support the table, cut the tube to the right length and then weld a cap on to finish it off nicely.

Now for the playing surfaces, originally I’d intended to use real wood veneer but I couldn’t get a good finish because of the compound curves on the edges so I ripped all that off and went for vinyl instead.


Once the main sections were covered it was time to start work on the chess and backgammon board.



The table simply clicks into place on the unit and the leg, because of the collar underneath, is self supporting.



It’s a nice height to play games on or have a meal and it tucks away in the poptop when it’s not needed. The only problem with it is that when it’s up it’s very difficult to get knives and forks etc from the top drawer. It doesn’t seem to matter how much we plan ahead and get stuff out before putting the table up, we always end up fiddling about trying to retrieve something from the top drawer just by feel and fingertips.


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