Into Germany

I’ve left Holland for now and moved into Germany as far as Osnabruck. Driving across the border and seeing all the Ausfart (Motorway Exit) signs reminded me of the first time I ever drove abroad and thought that Ausfart was a VERY big city as every exit off of the motorway seemed to go there.

Before I left Deventor this morning I had a cycle around in the early morning mist. This railway bridge is a replacement for the original which was bombed by the allies during World War II. The bridge was very important militarily as the Germans used it to transport war materials such as the VI and V2 rockets from East to West and food and other desirable items back into Germany from the occupied countries in the West.


The actual town of Deventor is a lovely little place chock full of tiny alleys full of little boutique shops and pavement cafe’s and bars.



I’m not sure if these pictures are coming out OK as the screen on my laptop isn’t calibrated and my ipad resembles crazy paving, it was also very misty when they were taken.

Skippy was getting lots of admiring looks and comments in Holland, but now I’m in Germany it seems like he’s turned into a superstar. Some drivers have been overtaking, craning their necks around and giving me a thumbs up and a big smile. When I say “some” drivers have been overtaking me, obviously I mean EVERY driver has overtaken me, it’s just that some of them wave and smile as well. The pair in the picture below were at a service station I called into for fuel. They are Justin & Magali and they are going around the Baltic Sea! It turns out they haven’t been able to get a Russian Visa either so they will take the ferry from Tallinn to Finland, which is probably what I’ll end up doing as well.



They only have two weeks to complete the journey before they’re due back at work, so are going considerably faster than me.

I thought you might be interested in how the ‘wild Camping’ is going, so here are the three places I’ve slept since leaving England.

Bedroom No 1 was on the outskirts of Rotterdam and I stayed here for two nights with no problems at all. Even though I discovered on the day I left, that a parking ticket was needed to park there at all.


This is Bedroom No 2, about a two minute bike ride into Deventor city centre. I had quite a few people approach me during my time there but even though I expected one of them to say, “You can’t park that ‘ere mate”, or whatever the Dutch equivalent is, no-one did, they all just wanted to chat about the van.



Here we have Bedroom No 3 which is a bit of a cheat as its a proper camp-site which cost 14 euro’s a night. I set the camera up on the tripod and used the timer to take this picture. I’ve deleted all the others which show me running back to the washing, or tripping up as I duck under the line. Funnily enough, after running backwards and forwards between the camera and the washing about six times no-one on the site has been across to say hello, I can’t think why.


I will try to answer any comments as soon as I can but getting onto the internet is proving to be the biggest problem and my access is best described as hit and miss. All I can say is God Bless McDonalds as they seem to be the only people with wifi access in the whole of Osnabruck.


9 thoughts on “Into Germany

  1. Another great read, the alley ways were beautiful! And what a coincidence meeting their people doing the same journey. So is Skippy German now or sticking to his Aussie roots?


    1. He’s still Australian, and he’s being a VERY good boy. I was parked up enjoying a cup of tea and some guy was staring at Skippy so hard he almost ran into the back of the car in front. They absolutely LOVE him in Germany, I’m sure I could run a small child over and they’d let me off because I’m driving a VW campervan.


  2. Pictures coming through fine, and as reported alleyways look beautiful, washing looks good too. Nice meeting like minded people. Where do you eat, out or in van. Take care.


    1. Thanks Pauline, I’m tending to have breakfast and dinner in the van and lunch out. At the moment I’m sat having breakfast in a pavement cafe in the town square because that’s the only place I can get online.


  3. Glad to see you weren’t displaying your ‘smalls’on that washing line, Bob! Although, if you’d brought some Union Jack boxers that would be forgivable!

    Glad also you clarified what the ‘ausfart’ is… I thought it might be a result of eating too much German sausage!



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