Bob Hooper

Hi, This blog is my way of trying to organise all the traveling I’ve done and photographs I’ve taken since being lucky enough to get my hands on a VW Campervan.Skippy Title Page

I’ve called him ‘Skippy’ which readers of a certain age will know, is the name of a children’s TV program from the 1960’s about an Australian boy and his intelligent pet kangaroo, a sort of Lassie for the antipodes. As you’ve probably guessed by now, my van was originally Australian.

9 thoughts on “Bob Hooper

  1. Hi Bob,

    I saw an entry on a website you made about possibly being able to source replacement springs for the side brackets/hinges on your pop top. I have an identical pop top am in need of replacement side brackets/hinges. I would greatly appreciate the connect details of your garage. I live in Silverstone.

    Stephen Mills


    1. Hi Stephen, It got very complicated in the end. The garage who did the repair kept coming to me for ideas about how to source the springs and mechanism.
      I found a factory locally who manufactured bus seats and eventually convinced them to make the hinges.
      As for the three springs neither me nor the garage could source any springs of the correct length or strength and it stopped us for weeks.
      Eventually I contacted a spring manufacturer and had some made. The minimum order was 12, I had three on my bus and I’ve sold two sets since and now have three spare springs left.


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